The School believes “Healthy body breeds healthy mind” and show diligence for perfection in everything, including sports. Children need physical activities as much as they need high academic achievements to ensure synchronous physical, emotional, intellectual and academic growth.  

School has a big play Ground in school campus. Every child gets an opportunity to participate in competetive athletics and Co-Scholastics activities. On every Saturday inter House Competetion are organised to assess their performance in the respective areas. 


details of infrastructure includes




  1. no. room area in sq. feet                     area in sq. mt.

01                    OUTDOOR-BADMINTON COURT           20 X 44                                   6.096 X 13.41

02                    OUTDOOR-VOLLEY BALL COURT        30 x 60                                   9.144 X 18.288

03                    OUTDOOR-FOOT BALL COURT                        295.76 x 147.63                     90 X 45